On Healing Through Physical Therapy with Dr. Eric & Cassie Walz


This episode is with physical therapist Dr. Eric & Cassie Walz. In this episode they share about healing trauma through physical therapy (PT).  They share about muscle testing and other body-energy techniques they use. Through this conversation they explained how their focus is to get to the root cause of pain + dis-ease in every body with a holistic. They believe that each body is its own unique ecosystem requiring its own specific healing protocol. They address the system, not the symptom, knowing that a person’s physical health is multi-layered and in constant dialogue with their emotional and mental wellbeing. Eric & Cassie specialize in treating emotional and trauma based physical pains and dysfunction, breathing, and pelvic floor dysfunction. To work with them or to learn more about the healing work they do check out their website https://walzwellness.com  and on their IG account @walzwellnes.

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