#54. What is Shadow Work? How To Connect With Your Shadow Part?


In this new podcast episode, I walk you through shadow work from the perspective of Internal Family Systems, Carl Jung, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I end the episode with a meditation to help you bring increased awareness and connect to your shadow part(s). 

If you want to dive deeper into your trauma-healing journey from the perspective of your inner child, you can now book “Inner Child Healing Sessions” with me. You can get more information by going to my website www.rosa.c.shetty.com

Please know that this episode does not treat or diagnose any physical or mental health condition. This episode does not substitute for health care Or mental health services.

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About the Host:  Rosa Shetty a licensed mental health therapist from California. Rosa intertwines inner child healing, ancestral/generational healing, and spirituality with the latest research-based trauma therapy approaches. Rosa has over 15 years of clinical experience helping humans heal from childhood and intergenerational trauma.



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