#57. Couples Therapy For Trauma Survivors with Marina Vile, LMHC


This episode is with Marina Vile, LMHC. She is a couples therapist specializing in helping trauma survivors have healthier relationships. In our conversation, we talk about how couples can navigate their trauma history and improve communicating their needs and trauma triggers to their partner. We talked about how couples can go deeper in understanding each other’s traumas to show up with love and compassion for one another. To learn more about Marina check out her IG @therelationaltraumatherapist

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About the Host:  Rosa Shetty a licensed mental health therapist from California. Rosa intertwines inner child healing, ancestral/generational healing, and spirituality with the latest research-based trauma therapy approaches. Rosa has over 15 years of clinical experience helping humans heal from childhood and intergenerational trauma.


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