On Healing Through Power, Intuition, and Magic with Spiritual Cabrona, LLC


This new podcast episode is with Xolayruca from Spiritual Cabbrona, LLC. She is a poet, writer, healer, and entrepreneur. Spiritual Cabrona, LLC aims to empower BIWOC to reclaim their power, intuition, and magia. In our conversation, Xolayruca shares her healing journey from childhood wounds, authenticity, and self-empowerment. Xolayruca generously shares her wisdom on healing. She shares what inspired Spiritual Cabrona and the magic behind what she shares with the world. I can’t wait for you to listen to Xolayruca and see how genuine, smart, and funny she is! In her words, “Cabronas don’t ask for perdon, ni permiso, to live like our Ancestors intended us to: with joy, success, and mucho, pero mucho, amor!”

Find Xolayruca at:


Instagram: @spiritualcabrona


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