How Your Career Can Help You Heal with Luis Cornejo, LMFT

How can I pivot my career to live a more authentic and harmonious life? 
Can I heal my past emotional wounds through my chosen career path? 
How to can I show up more authentically in the world? 
How can I connect with my gifts? 
What is the role of creativity on the healing journey?
How can living a more authentic life bring more opportunities and growth?

For this episode, I invited Luis Cornejo, LMFT. Luis is a Queer, Indigenous, Latinx, Bilingual mental health therapist—his work centers on helping and advocating for the LGBTQ and BPOC communities. Luis is an Indiqueer model, and founder PsychoSocial Media and co-owner of PsychoSocial Therapy  Luis shares the story of discovering his unique gifts and talents with us. Luis generously talks about his journey of self-acceptance and healing alongside his career.   He also talks about leaving a toxic work environment and taking career risks.  To learn more about Luis, check out his IG @luis_thee_lmft , @psychosocial_therapy , & @psychosocial_media You can also check out his website at

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About the Host:  Rosa Shetty a licensed mental health therapist from California. Rosa intertwines inner child healing, ancestral/generational healing, and spirituality with the latest research-based trauma therapy approaches. Rosa has over 15 years of clinical experience helping humans heal from childhood and intergenerational trauma.



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